More exclusive iPhone 5 case pictures emerge

Big screen, curved back, tapered edges… all the clues to the design of Apple’s next handset can be found in these leaked pics

Thanks to a source from Fonegadgets in Braintree, Essex, we’ve got our hands on some exclusive shots of what appears to be a bona fide iPhone 5 case, complete with cardboard mock-up. Here’s our take on what Apple’s hype-blasting blower will look like.

Bigger screen

A bigger screen has been on the cards since the very beginning of the iPhone 5 rumour mill and as the mock-up above shows, an noticeable increase is definitely present – our estimate is a 4in affair. As for the resolution? We’ll just have to wait and see…


The noggins of the fourth and fifth generation devices look identical, with business as usual for the headphone jack and power button. This angle also suggests iPad-like tapered edges which we imagine will result in an iPhone 5 with a drastically thin sliver of a body. Speaking of which…

Calorie control

The iPhone 5 appears to have gone on a diet with a definite few precious millimetres shaved off, as noted by our highly technical red measuring line. No expense is spared here at Stuff HQ.


There’s not much to see at the rear, although the bottom of the handset will undoubtedly host the proprietary Apple dock/charger connection as well as stereo speakers and microphone.

Back to the future

The volume buttons remain in their previous position, but on the iPhone 5 Apple has ditched the dinky round buttons of the iPhone 4 for the longer, thinner alternatives found on the 3GS.

Top heavy

It may be our imagination, but we’re pretty certain that there is a slightly curved difference in thickness along the back of the case, suggesting a subtle thinner taper towards the bottom of the device. The mute switch remains, albeit now on the right hand side.


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