Moody OpenMac packs Leopard on the cheap

Want some of that Mac goodness, but have the bank balance of a loan–addled undergraduate?Well, if Psystar is to be believed, you can grab yourse

Well, if Psystar is to be believed, you can grab yourself a fully–tooled Apple computer for a mere $399 Stateside.

Dubbed the OpenMac, and running Cupertino’s very own OSX, the rather shady–looking machine packs in a 250GB hard drive, DVD rewriter and an Intel Core2Duo processor. The weedy by comparison Mac Mini costs £399 here in Blighty. You do the math(s).

Still, this comes with some caveats. Sticking Leopard onto a non–branded Apple computer breaks licensing agreements and means when it comes to update time, your OpenMac could go into meltdown.

Whether this particular piece of tomfoolery makes it to these shores (or even online stores in the US), remains a moot point. Either way, we reckon you’re better off keeping it real with a proper Mac.


PsyStar OpenMac

Price: £200

On sale: TBA

Contact: Psystar