Monster launches Tron Light Disc iPod dock

The company behind the Beats headphone range has just made being a geek cool. Monster, we salute you

Our first impression on seeing this Tron-inspired audio dock would be to fling it across the room at high velocity to derez any foes on impact. Although lacking an energized cutting edge, Monster’s latest audio dock will happily pump out your device’s tunes all night long with respectable clarity thanks to four 1.5in drivers and a 3.5in woofer. The real appeal however is in the light rings surrounding your iDevice of choice, which pulsate rhythmically in time to your music creating a hypnotising aura from which there is no escape. Some exclusive apps, including a visualizer, equalizer and exclusive digital clock, nicely round off the nerd-infused experience. Available now, the dock will set you back £200 – a small price to pay for being worshipped by your local congregation of geeks.