Monster Daft Punk Edition Tron: Legacy headphones on sale now

Daft Punk-inspired cans hit the shelf. They're not cheap but, if you like Tron, they are cool

If there was a competition to see who could create the most noisy merchandising message ever, these Daft Punk Edition Tron: Legacy headphones by Monster would have it sewn up. Lucky, then, that they have noise isolation, XL over-ear drivers for deep, defined bass and Monster's studio driver for precision surround. Or that's what they claim.

We like the removable boom mic that can go etiher side for gaming freedom and Monster's ControlTalk that'll play nicely with your iStuff.

All things considered, you'd be forgiven for making noise of your own at the asking price: £250. But when you've quietened down, you can grab a pair from Amazon, Comet, HMV and other headphone sellers. Light cycle not included.


Monster and Disney get on board for T1 Tron headphones