Modu finally good–to–go

It's been almost a year since we grappled with Modu's original concept phone, but at last the mobile that can do it all is getting set to hit the high

Just to rejig your gadget–laden brains, the device weighs in at just 40.1g and acts as a central hub for different 'jackets' and 'mates', letting your phone take on a slew of different personalities.

This means you can create a stack of different gadgets with your phone, rather than having everything centralised in one multimedia brick. So you can have everything from a killer music mobile, a clock radio or even a full–on stereo.

The central phone, which is about the size of a USB stick, has been beefed up with 2GB of internal memory and a new UI. The new jackets will be hitting MWC next week, where Modu will be telling all about when we'll be seeing them and whether their £180 price tag has changed.

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Price: £180

On sale: TBA

Contact: Modu