Mirasol colour E Ink arrives on Kyobo tablet

Qualcomm's magic colour E Ink tech hits Korean shelves in Kyobo's tasty tablet


Kyobo, Korea's largest bookseller, has released its own ebook reader featuring a Mirasol colour E Ink display made by Qualcomm.

The 5.7in 1,024 by 768px touchscreen sits in front of Qualcomm's 1GHz Snapdragon S2 processor and an interface built upon Google Android 2.3. You can see it in action in the two demonstration videos showing an appreciative family putting it through its paces in its native Korea.

We've seen colour E Ink displays in testing, including an early Qualcomm mirasol display last year (video) but this is the first time one has actually hit the market, even if it is only in South Korea for the moment. The E Ink tech should help to keep it going much longer than other tablets, while also making it easier on the eyes.

We certainly welcome anything to spice up the tablet wars and hopefully we'll be getting our hands on some colour e-ink goodies on these shores soon. 


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