Mind controlled robots loose in America

A US programmer has succeeded in creating the world's first mind-controlled robot, a WowWee Rovio powered by nothing more than brainwaves and the occa

Robert Oschler of ExtremeTech has hooked up a Rovio spy-bot to Epoc's Emotiv EEG headset, using its 14 electroencephalograph electrodes to move the wheeled robot backwards and forwards whenever he concentrates on a 'worry-sad' feeling (easily accomplished simply by thinking of Simon Cowell).

Gyroscopes in the headset allow him to rotate the robot and move its built-in webcam to navigate. Because the Rovio has a two-way wireless link via Skype, Oschler is able to control the cyborg from anywhere in the world with a web connection, effectively making it a fully functional cybernetic avatar.

Oschler reports "some emotional fatigue after about 10 to 15 minutes of moving the robot, and there was a noticable uptick in unwanted cross activations with other signals." Which can surely only mean that the Rovio is struggling to control his mind in return, unleashing a wave of robot assassins turning the human race into their unthinking slaves. Hey, there has to be *some* explanation for Justin Bieber's popularity.

Check out the interesting video (Rovio, not Bieber) at ExtremeTech.