Microsoft Windows 8 seen for the first time

The future of your PCs operating system has been glimpsed. And it’s a radical departure from previous Windows versions

Tech years are like dog years, but shorter. Most gadget owners are happy to shoot their gadget in the face after only a couple of years, while their beloved pets live on into double figures before they let the vet creep up on the unsuspecting animal with a loaded syringe. So at 25 years old, it must be time to haul Microsoft’s Windows OS round the back and say a few soothing words while loading both barrels.

Not according to Microsoft, which reckons there’s life in the old dog still. To wit, a new version of its world-conquering operating system waits in the wings, and the Seattle-based techolopolis has taught it some new tricks, many learned from the excitable pup that is Windows Phone.

Much of Windows 8 will be familiar to anyone who’s used a PC in the past quarter century. But Microsoft will draft in an app environment learned from its mobile game – a tiled interface, full-screen HTML5 and Javascript apps (of which its Internet Explorer 10 browser will be one) and single-purpose widgets are all in on the Windows 8 game.

Oh, and naturally it’ll be optimised for touch as well as more traditional control peripherals like keyboards and mice. That means we could yet see a Windows tablet that doesn’t look like a shire horse trying to enter Crufts. There’s no word on when this new generation of the world’s favourite OS will appear, but it’s an interesting insight into how Microsoft might try to keep its aging workhorse away from the knacker’s yard.

[via All Things D]