Microsoft tweaks Xbox controller

Being whipped at PES because the Xbox d–pad is holding you back? We feel your pain. Thankfully, Microsoft has come up with the answer, dropping

Due to only come to Europe, Asia and South America (presumable because our US brethren aren’t down with this soccer malarkey), the new peripheral will provide a ‘less spongy’ experience compared to the current model.

What that means, apparently, is better control over Ronaldinho, or making sure Niko turns corners easier without getting pelted with gunfire in GTA IV. It’s due to drop when PES 2009 hits stores later this year,

You won’t notice any physical difference, but if it means bossing your mates while acting out your fantasies of playing for Brazil, who are we to judge. And don’t forget you can vote for the Xbox 360 in the gadget of the year category in the Stuff Gadget Awards. Head to the official site now.


New Xbox controller

Price: £TBA

On sale: Late 2008

Contact: Microsoft