Microsoft Surface will arrive on October 26th

It’s been confirmed by the Windows giant that its first tablet outing will take place on the same day as Windows 8 is released

Microsoft has confirmed that its Surface tablet will arrive on October 26th – the same day that Windows 8 is released.

But if you were holding out for the more powerful Intel version of the slate, with full Windows 8 Pro, then you’ll have to wait around another 90 days as only the Windows RT Surface will see the light of day on October 26th. And Microsoft itself has said the success of the Surface depends on app maker uptake as well as OEM manufacturers.

That makes the Surface very much a long shot that needs to work if Microsoft hopes to compete with Apple and Android in the future – meaning it should be the best Microsoft has ever given.

Check out our Microsoft Surface need to know to decide whether you'll be snapping up a Surface on October 26th.

[Via CNET]

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