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Microsoft Surface Phone is at testing phase

More solid rumours point to a Microsoft branded smartphone on the horizon

After we got our hands on the Microsoft Surface we were convinced the former software-only giant made a good move stepping into hardware production. So when we first heard about a Microsoft Surface Phone we were joyous, and now that joy has been confounded further as rumours continue to fly at us. Even with our après Stuff Awards fuzzled heads we’re still filled with chipper excitement.

The Wall Street Journal has spoken with a manufacturer who is working with Microsoft testing its very own smartphone right now. The handset is said to be in the 4 to 5in region and, obviously, running Windows Phone 8. And that’s it.

If Microsoft is taking a step in the Apple hardware design direction it’s doing it with a more tight lipped team, so far. We will penetrate the wall of secrecy soon and you’ll be the fist to know the details.

[WSJ via Telegraph]

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