Microsoft Surface Phone 8 concept will make your handset jealous

If you don't want a major case of phone envy then we suggest you stay clear of these sleek and sexy mockups

Microsoft might have just stated that it has no plans for its own phone, but that hasn't stopped designer Jonas Daehnert from whipping up a Microsoft Surface Phone 8 concept design that would make even your sleek HTC One X or Nokia Lumia 800 hang its head in shame.

Inspired by the Microsoft Surface Tablets revealed last week, the Microsoft Surface Phone 8 concept is a Windows 8 handset mockup which borrows heavily from its tablet father in the looks department, which is no bad thing, we think you'll agree.

From its 22-degree angled edges and machine-drilled speaker grill to its magnesium alloy body, the Microsoft Surface Phone 8 handset is definitely a slice of sleek tech that we wouldn't be ashamed to slide out of our pockets. Please Microsoft, make this happen...

[Jonas Daehnert via Dvice]

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