Microsoft Surface to get Wi-Fi only release?

Microsoft's new slate is still shrouded in mystery so we've turned to sexy speculation over connectivity and battery life

We now know plenty about Microsoft's first tablets, the Surface Windows RT and Surface Windows 8 Pro, but Microsoft is still keeping schtum on all the cold, hard specs. We want a long, detailed list to pore over – and since we haven't been given one, it's down to the rumour mill to determine just what Microsoft's slate will be packing come release day.

Bloomberg has handily discovered that the Surface tabs will reportedly be Wi-Fi only when first released – unsurprising since there was no word on 3G or 4G at the launch this week, and work-focused tablet-netbook hybrids like the Asus Transformer Prime have gone down this route.

Bloomberg also wrestled details of the Surface's manufacturer – the Taiwanese company Pegatron, which also assembles iPhones – out of its leaky Microsoft sources.

And in battery news, Computer World has been doing some tech calculations and estimated that the Surface Windows RT could have a battery life of around 7.5 hours – compare that with the iPad 3's solid ten hours and that starts to look a little disappointing. Of course, we're yet to clamp hands on the Surface tablets so all will be tested when we're given the nod.

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