Microsoft slashes Xbox 360 prices

Having already slashed prices in Japan and the US, Microsoft has decided it’s the UK’s turn for a spot of cheap console action. Ballmer an

You can now pick up an Arcade, the one with just a 256MB hard drive, for just £130, down from a previous best of £150. The newly minted 60GB Premium clocks in at just £170, down from its initial £200 price tag.

The real winner here though is the Elite. Packing a massive 120GB hard drive for storing flicks and live arcade games, it now costs just £229.

You can expect prices to drop even lower as retailers get desperate for sales in the run–up to Christmas. Is the age of the sub–£100 Xbox upon us? Let’s hope so. Now excuse us, we’re off to buy all three.

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Xbox 360

Price: £130, Arcade, £160, Premium, £230, Elite

On sale: Now

Contact: Xbox