Microsoft shows off Windows 8's lightning quick bootup

The code junkies at Redmond have been practising their quick draw

If you can afford to make a cup of tea whilst your PC boots up then you’ll definitely appreciate Microsoft’s efforts to ensure that their next major OS will be ready for action – from a cold boot – in a matter of seconds.

A fancy ‘session 0’ hibernation technique means that the Windows kernel session is saved in a hibernation file which is then speedily read back at launch, making use of new-fangled multi-core processing power.  In other words, you can go from 0 to YouTube in a matter of seconds.

The Korean Economic Daily has also reported it likely that Microsoft will unveil a Samsung-made tablet running Windows 8 next Tuesday at their BUILD event. The prospect of a USB-toting Windows tablet fills us with a sense of productive giddiness, but we’ll just have to hang tight and wait for all to be revealed for now.


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