Microsoft shows off new Windows Phones OS

Microsoft has confirmed it'll be unleashing a string of Windows Phones later this year, rocking a new OS with the same name. Known also as Windows Mob

The slick new operating system looks just as expected from earlier leaks, with a neat honeycomb design, aimed squarely at touch phone punters. The UI is far more intuitive than the pesky old menu system of WinMo, with the Big M saying they want people to do away with their stylus and use their digits instead.

You get home screen widgets a la the iPhone and Touch Diamond, with direct access to email, calls and sites from your locked home screen. Flash Lite will be included, as will a jazzed up version of Internet Explorer, giving you full web pages and easier navigation than before.

Windows Phones themselves won't be made by Microsoft, but will come slathered in their branding, just so you know they've got Apple in their sights.

We had a play last week and were mildly surprised by how much Microsoft has learned. If you're a WinMo hater, this could be the new edition you've been waiting for.