Microsoft sends Office into the cloud

Google's already admitted that the cloud is the next natural step for everyone to fix their spreadsheets, handle their work mail and write up boring r

While the thought of using Word and Excel, as well as Exchange, online might not get you too het up, it marks a huge shift for the Big M. The move shows exactly how serious the biggest players are taking cloud computing, years before it's expected to become the ultimate way to use your PC.

Most programmes will be free to use and supported by ads when they launch in 2009, and will go head–to–head with Google's already vast emporium of online services, such as Google Docs.

With Google said to be preparing its own OS, it's clear that Ballmer and co are laying down a marker for the next wave of PC wars, when they'll fight for punters online. Either way, it means we'll have faster, leaner machines in the future. Happy days, eh.