Microsoft readies first batch of Windows 8 games

The Windows 8 Store prepares its gaming arsenal… and don't worry, Angry Birds is on the list

As Microsoft puts the finishing touches on its Windows 8 Store in preparation for its public preview, intrepid web explorers, The Verge, managed to bag some exclusive info on the first Windows Store games that'll be making their way onto Microsoft's latest OS.

Yes, this does include Angry Birds. So when the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available for public consumption later this month, users will have access to a bunch of launch games including Rocket Riot, Reckless Racing, Hydro Thunder and Wordament. You can see the full list here.

Pinball and solitaire will come pre-installed on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, while the store-bought games will be available as optional downloads.

Interestingly, because Windows Phone 8 Apollo apps share a lot of code with Windows 8, it is likely these games could end up on the mobile platform too.

We can expect to see Microsoft's answer to Apple's Mac App Store later this month alongside the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 – which may or may not come with a Start button.

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