Microsoft Points could soon be extinct

Buying digital wares for your Windows phone and Xbox 360 could soon get a whole lot easier

Microsoft Points will enter the annals of history by the end of this year according to InsideMobileApps, who reports that mobile developers have been briefed by Microsoft to plan their in-app purchases in preparation for the switch to real currency.

We for one are relieved, as the Microsoft Point system has never made it easy to gauge just how much content like DLC, music or Arcade Games actually cost in real money.

Sure, we could convert all purchases knowing that 117 Microsoft Points is equal to £1.00, but we’ve never been good at numbers and ever since our own currency, Stuff Rupees failed to take off, we’ve preferred knowing exactly what we’re paying for virtual goods without the need for a calculator.

Microsoft has stated that it will not comment on rumour or speculation, but given that you can buy games from the Windows Phone Marketplace in real monies already, we’re hoping it won’t be too long before the Microsoft Point  joins the Stuff Rupee in the big fluffy bank in the sky.

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