Microsoft OneNote brings documents to your iPhone

The Americans have been using OneNote since January. Now it's floated over to the UK – and it's free

Microsoft OneNote’s release means UK iOS users can read and edit documents on their iPhones – and for now, it’s free. Apple users must have a Hotmail or Live account to login and use the app, which allows saving and sharing of documents on SkyDrive’s online storage. For Windows Phone 7 users, the Mango update will allow group editing of the same document using SkyDrive and Office 365 – even across platforms. Expect similar updates for the iOS version that currently lets you share notebooks and write documents with bullets, check-boxes and images. Just remember to keep work and personal saves separate if you like your job.

UPDATE: Turns out it's not quite so simple to view Word documents in the OneNote app. You need Office 2010 and OneNote on PC to manipulate the document.


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