Microsoft – no Blu–Ray for Xbox

Talk has been cheap when it comes to a Blu-Ray Xbox. But now Microsoft has categorically denied they’ll be bringing Sony’s HD flavour to t

Talking to the BBC, the Big M’s head of Xbox in the UK, Neil Thompson said they would instead keep their eyes on the prize of digital delivery.

"Our belief was that in the lifetime of the Xbox 360 we were going to move to this online world and online distribution for content outside gaming,” he said.

"If we didn't believe that we would have put a hi-def player in the console.”

Asked if they’d ripped off punters with their HD–DVD add on, Thompson said they never forced the dirt–cheap peripheral on anyone.

Such a black and white statement suggest Microsoft is getting itself into fighting shape for a world dominated by online downloads. Why else offer a hub with 120GB of storage?

So that puts an end to any filthy rumour mongering. Still, we think an Xbox 360 Ultimate sounds pretty neat.


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