Microsoft fires up brand new online store

With every gadget purveyor with a range of pricey toys already playing their wares online, it seems fitting that Microsoft has finally decided to get

Imaginatively dubbed the 'Microsoft Store' you can buy and download software including Office for your PC and Mac, as well as hardware including the mighty Xbox 360 and all the other fancy goods you can think of for your games console.

On top of that you can snag peripherals made by the chaps from Redmond. Sadly though, it looks like the Zune is staying put in the US, so you won't be able to grab it from the now live UK version of the store. Come on Microsoft, we want it already!

What this means for the already mooted Microsoft Skymarket for Windows Mobile remains to be seen. But with Apple's App Store and Android Market already taking over, Micrsoft had better up its game sharpish.