Microsoft encourages developers to port apps from Android

When you want to sell your apps to the whole neighbourhood, who’re you gonna call?

Phone platforms can be made or broken by their respective app stores and with Android and iOS devices flooding the market it’s no wonder that Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace is playing catch-up. In a bid to keep their shelves stocked with the latest and greatest, Microsoft has unleashed the App Guy tool to make it easier for developers to port over their lovingly crafted Android apps to Windows Phone 7 devices. The mapping tool has already helped the transfer of iOS apps to Microsoft’s platform and should hopefully result in an onslaught of quality apps that have, up till now, been teasing Windows Phone owners. Only time will tell if the scheme will entice developers to port their apps over to the dark side, but we hope the ones that do have created more than just fart apps. There's more than enough of those as it is.