Microsoft cracks on with Windows 8

Windows 7 may be only a week old, but it seems Microsoft is already turning its attentions to Windows 8 if job listings on the Microsoft Careers websi

A job vacancy listed on 8 October spotted by Ars Technica is looking for a Senior Program Manager to "drive key features into Windows 8" from the Internet Information Services team.

The second listing posted a day later asks for a Principal Lead Program Manager who it seems will be responsible for co-ordinating a closer integration of Windows Live Mail into the new OS.

Finally there are two further job vacancies asking for software engineers – one in particular for debugging issues across the new OS.

It's nice to see Microsoft isn't resting on its laurels and the general praise for Windows 7 before getting stuck in to its next project, although it's also slightly annoying that it's found stuff to improve on already.

Still we'll expect more details on Windows 8 to hit when Microsoft really starts to get its teeth in to it in the coming months.

We will of course keep you updated, but in the meantime be sure you are making the most of your copy of Windows 7 with our top 10 ways to supercharge the new OS.

Via: Electricpig