Microsoft cosying up to iPhone

Don’t go thinking that Bill Gates and his Microsoft clan spend all the time hating on Apple and their mighty iPhone. Oh no.Because behind the sc

Because behind the scenes, the Big M is eyeing up the Jesus phone’s SDK, letting them bring their very own top–notch apps to the blower.

Microsoft’s corporate vice-president of specialised devices and applications (wow, what a title!), Tom Gibbons, told US money mag Fortune that, “ It’s really important for us to understand what we can bring to the iPhone.”

He goes on to say that they’re “trying to understand” how they can bring Office for Mac to the iPhone, a move that would surely make the pricey cell even more attractive to suits and posing business types across the globe.

Microsoft is already one of the biggest software developers for Apple, their business unit cranking out Office for Mac and doing work on Exchange for the iPhone already.

How this pans out is anyone’s guess. But an iPhone supporting a full–on version of Office is certainly something we’d like to get our greasy gadget –loving mits on.

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