Is Microsoft buying Nokia?

Could Redmond be eyeing the Finnish mobile giant for the next course in its acquisition meal?

Microsoft buys companies like most people buy phones. Stands to reason then that the Californian computer megacorp should want to buy a phone company. And who better than its latest phone partnership bedfellow Nokia? Just one week after splashing out a paltry US$8.5bn in pocket change for Skype, rumours circulated by the Russian mobile wonder-spy Eldar Murtazin suggest that Microsoft and Nokia will enter talks in the coming weeks to negotiate the sale of the Finns’ mobile division.

Sounds crazy, but Mr Murtizan has been on the mark on numerous occasions, including Nokia’s adoption of the Windows Phone 7 OS and the death of the Ovi brand. Time will tell if any of this comes to fruition, but don’t dismiss anything just yet.