Microsoft on "black screen of death": It’s not us

It turns out Microsoft is not to blame for the "Black Screen of Death" issue after all. Yesterday reports came out that suggested the proble

Yesterday reports came out that suggested the problem, occurring across Microsoft operating systems, was caused by Microsoft security updates released a few weeks ago.

However, having conducted a comprehensive review of their updates, Microsoft has released a statement, saying: “Investigation has shown that none of these updates make any changes to the permissions in the registry.

"Thus, we don’t believe the updates are related to the 'black screen' behaviour described in these reports."

Instead, it is now believed that malware is to blame for the whole hoopla.

Software firm Prevx, who published a fix, and pointed the finger at Microsoft in its blog, has released a suitably apologetic statement, saying sorry to Microsoft for "any inconvenience" its blog caused.

It also added it has been a challenging issue to identify, and that the suspect updates have been "exonerated".

So Microsoft can rest happy for now, but here's hoping the responsible malware is discovered soon.

Until now remember to check out Prevx's temporary fix and let us know if you've been affected below.