Microsoft announces three Windows 8 editions

Tempted by the public beta? Here's the Windows 8 versions you'll be able to choose from later this year

Considering some people still aren't quite sure how well Windows 8 works on a PC (even a touchscreen all-in-one), it's no surprise that Microsoft has detailed plans for a whole load of Windows 8 editions which we should be able to buy before 2012 is out.

Well, OK that's a lie because Windows RT, the version for devices running on ARM processors – like tablets – will come pre-installed on these gadgets and, according to Microsoft, won't be able to buy separately.

Windows RT won't include Windows Media Player or any business-inclined features but it does get the Microsoft Office treatment and, fingers crossed, tons of Metro apps.

Otherwise, you're looking at a choice of the flagship Windows 8 edition or Windows 8 Pro with extra PC management features and added encryption for paranoid businesses and tech-heads. Plus Windows Media Center will be available as an add-on to Windows 8 Pro.

Microsoft isn't giving away any prices just yet but head to the Windows blog for a list of key features of each Windows 8 edition if you're still wavering.

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