Microsoft adds NXE friendly 256MB drive to Xbox 360 Arcade

With most 360 owners happily creating needless avatars and missing the old "blades" format courtesy of the New Xbox Experience (NXE), Micros

Having already handed over 512MB flash drives to Arcade gamers who wanted to try out the NXE, Microsoft has changed tack, and has told 360fanboy that they'll be shoving a 256MB drive into all new models. NXE needs 128MB in order to play nice.

The idea is to get everyone using the 360 as a media hub as much as a games console. Microsoft clearly fancies turning the screw on Sony in 2009 and this seems like a pretty straightforward way to get the Japanese giants panicking.

What do you think? Is the NXE a waste of time? Or have you been using it loads since downloading it at the end of November? Let us know in the comments section.


Xbox 360 Arcade

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