Micromuff shields your SLR mic from wind

It looks like a mini badger brush and has arguably the greatest name in gadgetry. What’s not to like?

In professional film and TV productions, there’s always a bloke holding a stick with a cat on top of it. He’s called the boom operator. The stick is the boom and the cat is a microphone wearing a massive afro wig. The wig stops the wind bodging up the soundtrack.

When the producers of grumpy doctor series House shot their billionth(ish) episode on an SLR (a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, since you ask) they used a boom operator. You don’t have one, which means your lovingly shot footage – steeped in moody bokeh – has an unwanted atmospheric addition: wind noise.

Enter Micromuff, essentially a kitten to mount on your SLR’s mic and eradicate whooshing noises from your footage. It’s made of high quality acoustic fur (no actual cat, we believe) and attaches with supplied Velcro rings. Before you shoot your next hour-long medical diagnostic, it might be worth popping to over to Micromuff’s site and dropping £13 on a new hat for your SLR.


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