Micro USB to be the phone charging standard in Europe

Mobile phone manufacturers of Europe have united in a "harmonisation" of phone chargers, and signed an agreement that should make our cellul

Reuters is reporting that the agreement will see Micro USB becoming the standard phone charging port for phones across Europe, with 10 companies signing up to the pact backed by the European Commission.

Yep, you read right. No longer will you find yourself short of battery and not able to borrow a mate's charger – no matter the brand, they will all have to adhere to the new standard and all charge via Micro USB.

This will obviously also mean that you don't have to chuck your charger every time you get a new phone.

Nokia, Sony Ericsson Motorola, LG, NEC, Qualcomm, Research in Motion, Samsung and Texas Instruments have all signed the agreement – as has Apple.

This means that any Apple phones sold in Europe will need to charge via Micro USB, although whether it will dispose of the Dock Connector remains to be seen. Considering all the Dock Connector compatible accessories out there, we'd suggest a microUSB adapter is much more likely to be on the cards.

It's expected that all data-enabled phones in Europe will be using standardised chargers within three to four years.

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