Meta Watch out now for iOS

The first iOS Meta Watch to use low power Bluetooth 4.0 is here, and it can do almost anything

Okay, the Meta Watch can't do absolutely everything – it doesn't have a laser for gardening – but it can do an awful lot of things thanks to its open API, letting developers work on this Android, and now iOS, interacting device.

It may not have a laser, but the Meta Watch can display pretty much any data you want from your iOS or Android device on its 96x96px screen, syncing up with your phone or tablet using low power Bluetooth 4.0. It comes packing 6 programmable buttons, a three-axis accelerometer, a vibrating motor and an ambient light sensor.

Using an app you’ll be able to customise your Meta Watch to display anything you want from your gadget – from texts, missed calls, and weather, to Facebook updates, calendar entries, and emails. While the Pebble will cost just £72 (US$115), the claimed lower power consumption of the Meta Watch will set you back £125 (US$200) – but it is available now.

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