Mega Man X Street Fighter coming December 17th – for free!

Capcom gives fans an early Christmas present with 8-bit styled PC game

Capcom's Street Fighter franchise has taken on many other challengers in crossover games – including Tekken, the X-Men and Fatal Fury. Capcom's own Mega Man has so far escaped unscathed – until now. The Blue Bomber is set to do battle with the heroes of Street Fighter in the unsurprisingly-named Mega Man X Street Fighter, coming out for PC on December 17th. Best of all? It's free.

Like recent releases Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, Mega Man X Street Fighter is styled after the original 8-bit NES games – with the Street Fighters taking the place of the Robot Masters as end-of-level bosses. And, true to form, it's set to be absurdly difficult. While you're waiting, check out the preview video below.

[Capcom Unity via The Verge]

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