Meet the Minibuilders: Drones that can 3D print a house

Because nail guns, hammers, and chop saws are passé
Meet the Minibuilders: Drones that can 3D print a house

Soon, you'll be able to 3D print your own house. With drones. Truly, we are living in the future.

Before you grunt in disbelief, the concept of 3D printed architecture isn’t new. But the giant 3D printers needed for large-scale construction are somewhat impractical; adding drones to the mix makes 3D printed construction possible in much tighter spaces.

Named Minibuilders, these pint-sized drones made by Saša Jokić and Petr Novikov are robotic concrete mixers that deposit layers of liquid construct substance. As with most 3D printed products, there needs to be a core to hold the house together, which consists of two huge cylinders of liquid synthetic marble.

How it's made

Meet the Minibuilders: Drones that can 3D print a house

The liquid is forced through long tubes by a specialised team of three musketeer robots, using inflatable syringes. Even though it might sound like a medical experiment, the process has to start with a solid footing.

A sensor-equipped Minibuilder follows lines marked on the ground, laying the foundation for the construction; and it’s got its work cut out – like a potter, it positions the first 20 layers of material in a single endless, looping spiral.

Finally, a human constructor (the most complex of things do require at least some form of human assembly) braces on another “grip robot” to the foundation that dispenses the material, durable enough to print roofs and other suspended constructions, to create a building.

By the looks of it, we’ll be able to soon expect a world where drones such as these give constructors and bricklayers a run for their money.

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[Source: Wired