Meet Brandon Generator, the professionally produced online comic you help write

Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), Tommy Lee Edwards (Marvel), Julian Barrett (Mighty Boosh) and – potentially – you are working on a new type of comic

Reading a comic on the train ten years ago would have gotten you beaten up, or at least a stinging wedgie. Now, thanks to superhero film popularity and comics hiding in your tablet or phone, riding the rail while browsing a spandex scene doesn’t mean buying new undies. This new online creation could blur the lines between comics, films and games forever.

The pioneering Brandon Generator project will be created by a crew with serious creative kudos. Edgar Wright (director of Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim) is working with Tommy Lee Edwards (Marvel and Lucasfilm artist) to create an original four-part story that is told online and narrated by Julian Barrett (Mighty Boosh and Nathan Barley fame).

Brandon Generator is an online tale of a writer suffering from a lack of ideas. His world is falling apart as he desperately tries to fight his writer’s block. And you can help.

The best part isn’t this completely new medium that uses HTML 5 in a bid to show off Microsoft’s IE9, but the fact that you can actively add your own writing as the story progresses – like a crowdsourced comic that everyone takes part in. See a blank laptop screen at one part of the story? Fill it in yourself. Then the smorgasbord of talent behind Brandon Generator will decide whose idea is best and use it in the progressing tale – meaning nobody knows how it will end.

The first release is due in April at Brandon Generator. Check back for more details, including interviews, as this pioneering creation tests the future of comics. Then, finally, geeks can inherit the earth.

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