Meego is dead, long live Tizen

We know they sound like fantasy novel characters, but this is serious mobile OS drama

It was only a matter of time but Meego, the mobile OS created by Nokia and Intel and tested on the Nokia N9 guinea pig, has bitten the dust. Don't fret though because in its place we have a brand spanking new OS named Tizen. The Linux-based mobile OS won't turn up until early 2012 so we can look forward to gadgets running Tizen next summer. And we should be excited as not only is the Meego project on board but no less than Samsung, Intel and Panasonic complete the consortium's line-up.

The new project is aiming high: Tizen will be open source, completely customisable by manufacturers and designed to operate on any device you can get your hands on – smartphones, tablets, netbooks, smart TVs and even in-vehicle multimedia set-ups. Plus there will be a focus on support for HTML5 based apps to work across all of your gadgets. Call us fickle but Meego who?


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