Medion unleashes £600 Blu–ray PC

It’s hard to reconcile the economy collapsing around our ears with the need to grab every tech treat money can buy as soon as it’s availab

Unearthed by Electric Pig, it’s the new Medion P36888 and comes with features that’d make the likes of Apple and Dell blush. Inside you’ll find a Blu–ray drive, 1TB of storage, 3GB of RAM, quad–core Intel processor and an NVIDIA graphics card.

Now for the best bit – you can buy it in your local Tesco for £600. That’s a massive £200 cheaper than an iMac. And as if that wasn’t enough, you get a freeview tuner, an 8–in–1 card reader and eight–channel surround sound.

We can’t think of a better bargain than this anywhere, so might we suggest you edge away from your desk slowly, jump in the car and head over to Tesco immediately? Good. Off you go.


Medion P36888

Price: £600

On sale: Now

Contact: Tesco