Mechatars bring robot wars to your living room

Part virtual battle, part toy robot scuffles, all fun. Mechatars get physical about online gaming. The robots are coming this summer

If proof were needed that we’re about to get confused about what’s real and what’s not, Mechatars present a strong case. The real robot warriors sync to an online game, combining the offline and online elements of gaming in a blinding hit of futurism.

Coming to the UK this summer, the concept includes a free online game that anyone can play. But to unlock the real fun, gamers will have to pay a console game-baiting £50 for their own ‘bots. Once they’ve got their automatonic buddies, they pair them with the game to do battle across a series of planets.

The robots can physically fight each other in a series of turn-based battles, with advantages being won through the online portal or by picking up physical attachments for the robots in the form of £10 Power Packs (weapons, basically). The online game recognises the presence of these attachments, while the spoils of cloud-based victory are also synced to the Mechatar.

Bossa Nova Robotics, the creator of Mechatars, is also going to roll out weekly updates, including new fighting talk with which to taunt fellow ‘bots and extra gameplay.

Confused? You won’t be. We have a feeling that when the line between the real and virtual worlds begins to blur this summer, we’re going to like it.

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