Max Payne 3's crews will be playable in Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer

Rockstar is merging two of its biggest hits with cross-game playable multiplayer characters

Rockstar has revealed to IGN that 'crews' from Max Payne 3's online multiplayer will be directly transferrable over to Grand Theft Auto V's online multiplayer experience.

Max Payne 3 is scheduled to be released on May 18th and although Grand Theft Auto V's release date still remains a mystery, the multiplayer  cross-over experience will be implemented on day one of GTA V's release.

Of course, this all opens up the doors to a whole host of fan-made game crossover wishlists – Skyrim's Dovahkiin busting moves in Just Dance 3? Red Dead's gritty John Marston commanding space forces in Mass Effect 3? We can but only dream...

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