Max Payne 3’s bullet time detailed in new trailer

The shoot-fest's slo-mo mode gets shown off in a new official video

The trademark of the Max Payne series is ‘bullet time’, the Matrix-like effect that occurs when time is slowed to a crawl, allowing the game’s eponymous hero to blow away a gang of bad guys one after the other with relative ease.

As you’d imagine, bullet time looms large in the third instalment of Max Payne, due to be released through Rockstar Games in May – and the publisher has just released a new trailer detailing how it’ll work in the game (short version: not too much different to how it worked in the previous two).

It’s brutal and bloody, with Max – in spite of a clear case of middle age spread – leaping around like an Olympic gymnast while pumping high calibre rounds into legions of henchmen. If you want your appetite for destruction whetted, feast your retinas on the clip below.

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