Marvel and Aurasma team up for AR comics app

The next big thing for comics - Iron Man popping up from your pages, thanks to augmented reality

Marvel is going a bit trigger-happy on its comic book announcements at SXSW in America. Not only has it just announced that readers will get digital copies of comics free when they buy a print copy, Marvel is also giving its superheroes an augemented reality shot in the arm.

How will it work? Well AR specialists Aurasma are on board to work out the finer details of this upcoming Marvel AR app which will mean you can point your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet's camera at a compatible comic, like Avengers vs X-Men #1 due in April, to get augmented reality content.

This includes interactive 3D models of your favourite Marvel heroes, creator commentary videos and extra artwork from the series. The Marvel AR app looks set for an April launch on iOS and Android but we'll let you know whether it's likely to pop up on other app markets if and when Captain America gives us the nod.

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