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Martin Freeman: “Simon Pegg is my gadget guru”

We caught up with Martin Freeman in the July issue of Stuff Magazine – here are some of the highlights...Almost everything frustrates me about t

We caught up with Martin Freeman in the July issue of Stuff Magazine – here are some of the highlights…

Almost everything frustrates me about technology

There’s virtually nothing that I find easy about it. I’m just not great with buttons. I like the ones that make my life easier but I’m not endlessly in the shops buying things. Because I’m not particularly literate at it I get someone else to fix it when I’ve got a problem.

Acting on green screen is fun but slightly bizarre

In lots of ways modern technology has been a godsend for film making but the point is it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, it’s like saying you don’t like the sky or the sea, it’s irrefutable. I did some green screen work with Bill Night on Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. It was good fun because we were just in a sound studio in Earl Street having branches whipped at us and buckets of water chucked over us. 

Film and TV is not meant to be watched on a tiny screen

I’ve watched a couple of things on my iPod but it’s obviously not something you really want to do. It’s just too small. I’ll make do on a train journey but I think that the medium something is made for is usually the one it should be watched on. The idea of listening to all my music through a mobile phone is totally horrific to me.

I have an iPod dock but still prefer my record player

In hotels and dressing rooms, iPod docks are brilliant. But occasionally I will take a portable record player to my trailer and that’s more fun. I’ve got thousands of records and that’s my medium really. The iPod doesn’t seem quite real to me but it’s dead clever. If I really want an album, even if it’s on my iPod, it still doesn’t exist for me until I’ve got a hard copy.

Simon Pegg is my personal gadget guru

He’s famous for being a slightly sci-fi and gadget-orientated person. He’s always got the latest thing first. One of my brother’s is like that too. He’s a web designer so I had a website long before most actors. I think as long as you’ve got people in your life to take care of that sort of thing it means you don’t have to.

Martin stars in The Good Night which is available on DVD now