Marshall's new Major and Minor headphones are back in black

The amp legend's latest set of cans will crank your tunes up to 11 and can be snapped up in any colour – as long as it's black

Marshall has revealed its new Pitch Black range of headphones which add a new spin to its existing Major and Minor offerings.

The Major Pitch Black cans feature the same iconic Marshall design as  the standard Marshall Majors, with the exception of an all-black paint job and a rock 'n' roll denim headband.

A 6.5mm headphone adaptor is also included, as is a built in mic and in-line remote for total control over your tunes.

The Marshall Major Pitch Black earphones are – you guessed it – also kitted out in a ninja's favourite colour and feature Marshall's EarClick technology to ensure they'll stay securely in place no matter how hard you're head-banging.

Mic and in-line remote functionality are also included, with a tangle-resistant cord thrown in as a nice bonus.

The Marshall Major and Minor Pitch Black headphones can be snapped up from Selfridges for £100 and £50 respectively and are ideal for any self-rocking gadgeteer looking to shred out in style.

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