Marmitek offers up Speaker Anywhere wireless system

We're big fans of streaming tunes wirelessly round our gaff, but let's face it, the likes of Sonos are a tad too pricey at a time when the news is ess

So, with that in mind, we're pretty stoked about this new budget solution from Marmitek, the Speaker Anywhere200. Rather than using your WiFi network, you just slap the transmitter into your hi–fi, TV or iPod and then take the speakers wherever you are.

Ok, it's not quite as swanky as Sonos or Cisco's new effort unveiled at CES, but it does mean you can listen to tunes outside or in a different room without carting your equipment too.

The real killer though is the price – just £69. We're suspecting you won't get the same awesome sound as some top–end systems, but if you need a compromise while you wait for the economy to change from its current belly–up position, you can't go far wrong.

For a full review of the latest Sonos system, check out our in–depth look now.


Marmitek Speaker Anywhere200

Price: £69

On sale: Now

Contact: Marmitek