Marblar launching Kickstarter for patents

Got a great idea and want to turn it into £10k now? There’s a website for that

There are more patents lying about unused than there are lawyers working for Apple. Marblar, a Kickstarter-style website launching in August, aims to reward people who make use of those patents – with a £10,000 incentive.

The site will focus on scientific patents to begin with, helping scientists to find relevant research that can help them with their work. But in the long run it could be used to stamp your own patent ground in the tech and gadget fields. Yes, you too could be having a raging patent war with the Samsungs and Apples of this world. And there could be big spoils for the victors.

So get cracking on the next big thing in gadgets and you could be looking early retirement in the face when Marblar takes off. The site launches in August.

[Via New Scientist]

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