Marantz’s all–in–one Cinemarium

We’re big fans of one–size–fits–all home cinemas. None of that faffing with cables, tearing up carpets and hefting that knacke

And they don’t get much better than the Marantz Cinemarium. Shown off at CES and now heading over here, it packs in six speaker drivers, each with a Class D amplifier, all stacked away in a neat aluminium bod.

Best of all though, it keeps setup time to a minimum, with one hi-def-loving HDMI plug round the back. All you need to do is snaffle a cable and plug it into your TV for maximum enjoyment of low–rent remastered action movies. Commando, anyone?

Obviously, you can hook it up to your stereo to boost enjoyment of Pat Benatar and the like too, but we’re more fans of keeping it strictly for telly and HD gaming.

It’s yours now for £900. Not half bad, eh? You can check out more home cinemas in our review section. Off you go then.


Marantz Cinemarium

Price: £900

On sale: Now

Contact: Marantz