Malware hits the Android Market

Apps removed from Market for bricking phones and extracting data

It took a while, but malware has finally poisoned the seething pit that is the Android Market, resulting in Google having to retract a multitude of apps.

The apps in question range from the dubiously sounding "Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls" to the rather more innocent "Scientific Calculator" and they all have the worrying ability to root devices and steal data as well as a host of other nasty tricks such as force-sending premium  SMS messages.

Google are exercising their far-reaching powers by remotely wiping all offending apps from user devices, although experts state that affected users may wish to factory reset their devices to stay on the safe side.

Worrying news then for those of us in the Android camp, but fear not as there are a multitude of anti-virus apps out there, such as AVG. Looks like Apple’s meticulous scrutiny and red tape surrounding the App Store application process isn’t such a bad thing after all.


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