Magicbox Torque almost justifies bringing back the landline

From the brink of oblivion, this beauty could be the last hurrah of the humble landline. Or the best desk phone ever

Landline phones in offices aren’t dead yet. But the one in your house makes the average panda look like he’s got a bright future. The mobile has usurped its wired ancestor in every way, so it’s a shame we couldn’t have had Magicbox’s Torque when it was still relevant. It’s a cordless phone with built-in voicemail and laser-etched touch-sensitive keys. Sure, you could see if your company will fork out the £80 asking price to have its neon-underlit charging base take pride of place next to your monitor. But really, is there any point? We’d almost get one just to look at. Almost, but not quite…


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