MacBook Mini – does the Apple netbook already exist?

That new Vodafone portal for the iPhone has really cranked the Apple rumour mill into overdrive. After O2's hottest rival announced scurrilous plans f

First up is chatter about the MacBook Mini. In spite of Tim Cook's denial last week, a small Apple laptop has shown up in the stats for IM client Adium, according to those eagle–eyed chaps at TUAW.

While this is innocent enough (anyone can change the name of their computer ID), this happens to be the exact same way the MacBook Air surfaced last January.

Now if that wasn't enough to get your head round, BusinessWeek has got hold of plans for a so–called iPhone lite, heading to US network Verizon. Conveniently, Vodafone has a stake in the US operator.

So, what are we to make of all this? Well you can bet Apple is planning to diversify its iPhone lineup, just as it did with the iPod back in the day. And that MacBook Mini? Don't bet against a Vaio P series type device emerging in 2009, although probably not at WWDC.