MacBook Air rumour round-up

The MacBook Air's arrival is only two days away, but what's the 411 on the rumour front?

The backlit keyboard is making a comeback

The backlit keyboard originally introduced on the first-gen MacBook Air is set to make a wondrous return. If this feature is indeed set to make a comeback, it will no doubt be music to the ears of many who were wildly disappointed when Apple decided to do away with the feature with the announcement of the current models, launched back in October 2010. 

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Not one, not two, but four new models incoming

As if it wasn't already hard enough for us to decide between a 11-inch and 13-inch model, we're soon to be faced with the difficult decision once again as to whether we want the standard, entry-level model, or to pump more high-end spec into our gorgeous slither of tech with a built to order, upgraded version. Decisions, decisions...

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No design change

As the old adage goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." This appears to be Apple's approach to the refreshed MacBook Air line, with word on the web suggesting there will be little to no cosmetic changes for what is already a gorgeously designed bit of tech. Many have tried and failed (with the exception of Samsung's Series 9) to copy those sleek lines, so why would Apple want to mess with a winning formula?

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Thunderbolt and Sandy Bridge

Cosmetic changes may be off the menu, but there will be one very obvious change to its outer shell and it's Thunderbolt shaped. The inclusion of Thunderbolt not only means the new models will come equipped with the hottest new thing in data transfer, but like the current MacBook Pro, you can look forward to high-speed connectivity, whether you're backing up your vast MP3 library or transfering a feature-length HD movie. Want to know more? Check out everything you need to know about Thunderbolt right here.

The Air is also expected to welcome a new batch of Sandy Bridge processors, to replace the current Core 2 duo chips which are firmly nestled inside the current MBA line. There's also talks of a faster NAND flash technology, which would mean much faster operation and the appeasment of our impatient side by waking up even quicker from sleep mode.

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Facetime HD webcam

Facetime is about to get hi-def makeover, if the rumours are to be believed. This would mean bye-bye low-res camera and hello 720p video calls between the refreshed ultra-portable and the latest MacBook Pro and iMac.


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